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Beyhadh 2: Maya returns back in Manvi avatar credit to MJ

Beyhadh 2: Maya (Jennifer Winget) returns back in Manvi avatar, credit to MJ (Ashish Chowdary) 

Sony Entertainment Television popular daily soap Beyhadh 2 is gearing up for high voltage drama and twist.

Maya is trying to fight against MJ and defeats her own fear, MJ is not going to leave Maya.

Maya perfectly fights against MJ and here MJ is yet not done as here he has bigger plans.

MJ enters in room and attacks Maya, MJ cuts Maya's hairs and tells her that she may be Maya for the world but will be Manvi for him.

MJ tells Maya that she will always be his Manvi and chops off her hairs, Rudra comes in room and shocked to see Maya's this avatar.

Maya transforms into Manvi

Rudra praises Maya and compliments her, Maya is back in her Manvi avatar and now she recalls what all had happened in past.

Maya aka Manvi decides to not leave MJ this time as it is her time to get a payback.

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