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Choti Sardarni: Sarabjit's filmy avatar teases Meher

Choti Sardarni: Sarabjit's (Avinesh Rekhi) filmy avatar teases Meher (Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia) 

Colors popular daily soap Choti Sardarni is gearing up for high voltage drama and twist.

Sarabjit is trying to take care of Meher as she is in her last month and can give birth to baby any time.

Sarabjit pampers Meher and takes care of her, here Meher finds her sleeping in Sarabjit's room.

Meher panics and here Sarabjit takes charge to tease Meher and says that last night much happened between them.

Meher is shocked as she couldn't recall what had happened, here Sarabjit teases Meher in filmy way.

Meher and Sarabjit's fun moment

Sarabjit tells that he has picked her in arms and got her to his room and she had hugged him whole night and shared love moments.

Meher starts crying realising what had happened while here Sarabjit thus breaks the truth and says that he is just teasing her as nothing has happened.

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