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Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 14th January 2020 written update

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 14th January 2020 written update

The current episode starts with Sonakshi reads the letter sent to Veena by the blackmailer.

Sonakshi is broken down and thinks to stop the person from reaching Veena.

Soon Sonakshi comes to meet the blackmailer while Sumit has also followed her to help her.

However, before Sonakshi could meet the blackmailer, the blackmailer sees Sumit.

Sonakshi and Sumit leave as soon as Veena calls Sonakshi and asks her to visit hospital.

The media is rushed in Rukmani Sippy hospital while Sonakshi comes and asks about Rohit.

Rohit comes out of OT and gets stunned seeing media. While he shocks Sonakshi questioning why she called media, Rohit later surprises everyone.

Rohit has done the successful surgery where he gives all credit to Sonakshi who supported and trusted in him.

The media takes Rohit's interview while Sonakshi gets shocked seeing the blackmailer in the hospital.

Sonakshi tries to protect Veena from meeting the blackmailer that soon the blackmailer drags Sonakshi into a room.

The blackmailer threats Sonakshi compelling he will reveal Naren's scandal to the media.

While Sonakshi stands shocked, the blackmailer also reveals that he has Naren and Pooja's DNA test reports as the evidence.

Sonakshi questions the man about his real motive while the man demands one crore from Sonakshi while asking her to keep everything a secret and not dare to reveal Rohit about it.

Sonakshi is confused realizing how the blackmailer knows so much about her and the family.

The blackmailer leaves compelling Sonakshi to get the money by 11 pm.

Sonakshi visits Rohit in his cabin where Rohit is very happy seeing Veena's smile today after he did successful surgery.

Rohit demands goodbye kiss while when Sonakshi kisses on his cheek, Rohit gets suspicious of if something is bothering her.

Sonakshi hugs Rohit and promises to do everything fine soon.

The media person takes Suman's interview on Sonakshi leaving her show while Suman refuses.

Sonakshi in double trouble

Soon Suman gets one crore debit message from the bank and scolds her financer while she thinks Pari also not giving any update from Sonakshi's house while she has compelled her to do work with Rohan.

On the other hand, Pari is sleeping with Rohan in an intimate state.

Suman yells at Sonakshi for transacting one crore money from the bank while Sonakshi requests her to keep everything a secret.

Sonakshi hides money in her bedroom while she is hiding from Rohit.

Sonakshi makes excuse to Rohit while suddenly some photographs fall down and Sonakshi gets shocked seeing the blackmailer in family photo.


Sonakshi shuts the blackmailer's mouth and gives money to him. A man in hoody comes to the blackmailer who is Ajit.

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