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Beyhadh 2: MJ killed Maya's child painful past of Maya's abortion takes revenge killing Rishi

Beyhadh 2: MJ killed Maya's child painful past of Maya's abortion takes revenge killing Rishi 

One of the most painful past of Maya will get revealed further in the upcoming storyline of Beyhadh 2 of Sony TV.

As per the current track, Maya turns to commit suicide while Rishi tries his hard to stop her.

Maya just then plays her next move and compels Rishi to prove his love and slit his wrist with knife blackmailing MJ.

Where Rishi loves Maya, he follows Maya without any question while Maya confesses to help him.

Soon the situation goes out of control when Rishi bleeds badly while he cries for help.

Maya holds Rishi in lap and caresses him that eventually he ends by taking last breath.

Maya takes her revenge from MJ

Maya mourns on Rishi’s death that the painful past of her life comes alive where she too has lost her child.

The flashback of Maya’s past will witness a painful moment when MJ got Maya’s child aborted in her womb.

Maya didn’t want to kill her child that she cried her heart out begging for his child’s life.

MJ mercilessly snatched Maya’s child from her where later Maya slipped in trauma.

Maya has now taken her revenge from MJ where she has killed his son Rishi.

Let see how Maya will one by one destroy MJ and his family.

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