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Yeh Hai Chahatein Latest News: Rudraksh bribes Yuvraj handovers blank cheque to get Prisha dead

Yeh Hai Chahatein Latest News: Rudraksh bribes Yuvraj to get Prisha hanged till death on Rajeev murder charge 

The prime time TV Serial of Star Plus, Yeh Hai Chahatein is seeing a crucial time in Prisha and Rudraksh’s life.

As per the coming storyline, Rajeev will meet a drastic accident where after he loses his life taking last breathes.

On one side, Rudraksh slips in trauma losing his beloved brother,

Here Prisha will confess Rajeev’s murder accident from her car.

Prisha’s life badly turns upside down when she gets imprisoned on the murder charges.

The new promo has hit the screens where Yuvraj brings Saransh to meet Prisha.

Meanwhile, on the other side, Rudraksh gives blank cheque to Yuvraj compelling him to turn Prisha’s life imprisonment into death sentence.

Rudraksh develops hate for Prisha

Rudraksh has developed intense hate for Prisha that he is ready to do anything to get Prisha hanged till death.

While Saransh needs Prisha, will Prisha be able to survive from the murder trap or Yuvraj will backbite Prisha?

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