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Beyhadh 2: Rudra returns back to Maya revenge from both side begins

Beyhadh 2: Rudra returns back to Maya revenge from both side begins

Sony TV Serial Beyhadh 2 is seeing Maya’s revenge on Mritunjay Roy where his both sons Rudra and Rishi turn out Maya’s prime target.

On one side, Maya traps Rishi in her love that Rishi goes badly mad behind Maya.

Rudra has proposed to marry Ananya that Maya plans to execute her next plan where she slits Rishi’s wrist and attempts to kill him in extreme pain.

Soon when Rudra rushes to save his brother Rishi, it’s a call for revenge against Maya.

Rudra to find the truth

Rudra has developed feelings for Maya but is stepping back due to his bitter past.

Although Rudra has decided to marry Ananya,

Rudra will soon return back to Maya with a motive of revenge of his brother’s pains.

Let see how the duos will come together taking revenge or if they will fall in love.

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