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Naagin 3: Sesha unfolds bitter mystery Shivangi Sesha's bigger dhamaka

Naagin 3: Sesha (Adaa Khan) unfolds bitter mystery, Shivangi (Mouni Roy) and Sesha's bigger dhamaka 

The upcoming episode of Colors supernatural drama Naagin 3 is going to be dhamakedar.

Its going to be the last episode of Naagin 3 on 26th May, 2019 which is going to showcase the climax.

This climax is going to unveil many truth and mystery, here Sesha, Yamini and all will return.

Yamini and Sesha will again join hands to end Shivangi and Bela's game.

Sesha will now unveil the real mystery that it was she who has disguised as Rocky to kill her.

Sesha and Shivangi's bitter mystery unfolds

Sesha thus unfolds bitter mystery and thus real mystery will create bitter clash amid Shivangi and Sesha.

What more dhamaka and drama is going to unfold up next in Shivangi and Sesha's life.

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