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Gathbandhan Latest News 11th February, 2019

Gathbandhan Latest News 11th February, 2019 

The upcoming episode of Colors popular daily soap Gathbandhan is up for high voltage drama.

Raghu loves Dhanak and is playing all friendship game just to be near Dhanak.

Dhanak also considers Raghu as her friend and is much happy to be with him but her happiness doesn't last for long.

Raghu crosses all limits where he kidnaps Dhanak and her family and puts them at gunpoint.

Dhanak is shocked and asks Raghu as what he is doing while Raghu force Dhanak to marry her.

Raghu and Dhanak gets married

Raghu force Dhanak to marry her nor he will kill her family and thus Dhanak had to agree and marry Raghu.

Dhanak is much angry over what all is happening and tells Raghu that she will never accept this marriage.

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