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Tashan-e-ishq: Twinkle-Kunj's Valentine celebration, Yuvi fumes

Tashan-e-ishq: Twinkle-Kunj's romance reborn, Yuvi fumes seeing their closeness

The upcoming episode will show that Twinkle is tensed for Mahi and Yuvi's relationship.

Twinkle plans to show Yuvi's truth to Mahi to save her sister.

Twinkle is tensed and Kunj plans to change atmosphere for Twinkle.

Kunj plans a valentine's surprise for Twinkle to cheer up Twinkle.

Twinkle-Kunj's romance

Twinkle is happy to see the surprise and Twinkle and Kunj comes closer to each other.

Yuvi sees them from far and fumes seeing them together.

Yuvi plans to insult Mahi to take his revenge and to use Mahi against Twinkle.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates of upcoming episodes.

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