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Piya Albela: Angraj's new identity as Naren Vyas tough time for Pooja begins

Piya Albela: Angraj's new identity as Naren Vyas tough time for Pooja begins

In the upcoming episode of ZEE TV popular show Piya Albela loyal viewers will get to witness interestingly shocking twist.

Soon it will be revealed that Rahul, Surbhi and Neelima were helping Angraj (Sahil Uppal) and were in his team against Naren (Akshay Mhatre) and Pooja Sheen Dass).

Angraj’s sole mission is entire Vyas Empire along with Pooja.

Thus Angraj has laid a plan to kill Naren and get Naren’s face via plastic surgery and eventually rule Vyas Empire and get Pooja in his life.

Pooja fails to recognise Angraj as Naren

It would be really interesting to see if Pooja be able to recognise Angraj in Naren’s identity or no.

Will Angraj succeed in his evil intentions?

How will Pooja overcome this tough phase of her life?

Let’s wait and watch.

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