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Ishq Subhan Allah: Kabir bends down before Zara Irfan demands big confession shocking Kabir

Ishq Subhan Allah: Kabir bends down before Zara Irfan demands big confession shocking Kabir

It seems that Kabir is trying to reconcile his marital relationship with Zara in the daily soap of ZEE TV, Ishq Subhan Allah.

Kabir has finally overcome his sickness and now he comes to meet Irfan and Zara.

While Irfan and Zara are still upset with Kabir over what all happened and how Kabir left no stone unturned to trouble Zara, Kabir confesses sorry to Qaazi Sahab aka Irfan.

Though Irfan refuses to hear Kabir, Kabir accepts his mistakes and bends down before Zara and Irfan and seeks their forgiveness that suddenly Irfan's big confession shocks Kabir.

Kabir's testing time

Irfan asks Kabir to confess sorry to Zara in front of everyone, and rectify his mistake.

While Kabir is shocked with Irfan's demand, Irfan makes Kabir realize that he insulted Zara in front unnumerable people and hurt her feelings and emotions, Irfan asks Kabir to return back everything to Zara,

Kabir agrees to Irfan and seeks forgiveness from Irfan and Zara.

Will Kabir and Zara reconcile?

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