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Kaliren: Roma's murder Vivaan's blunder mistake incurs a huge loss to him

Kaliren: Roma's murder Vivaan's blunder mistake incurs a huge loss to him

In the upcoming latest episode storyline of Kaliren will witness shocking melodrama.

Vivaan's mother and sister got kidnapped where the Blackmailer calls Vivaan to meet him.

While Vivaan gets opportunity to save his family, he plays his game and takes Police with him to catch the kidnapper.

But his plan backfires in ugly way as the Kidnapper plays his own game with Vivaan.

Vivaan in deep shock

Vivaan and Police reaches to the kidnapper's place where they get shocked to find Mannequin instead of the kidnapper.

And amidst this they get another shock when they find there Roma's dead body.

The kidnapper gives open warning to Vivaan that he killed Roma after he tried to trap him, Vivaan is facing a tough time in his life,

Let see how Vivaan will expose the culprit.

Stay tuned with us for more upcoming updates and latest news.

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