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Naagin 3 Spoiler Alert 13th June 2018

Naagin 3 Spoiler Alert 13th June 2018

Colors most popular Supernatural series Naagin 3 is keeping viewers and fans hooked to the show since the show witnessed Anita Hassanandani in Naagin avatar.

The twistin track will now begin in the show 'Naagin 3' when Vish (Anita Hassanandani) will finally get succeed in trapping Yuvi in her mayajaal.

Here Vish will take Yuvi to Haveli while there Bela and family will be left troubled after finding Yuvi nowhere.

The tragic twist will come when Mahir will sit in wedding mandap to marry Bela saving Bela's family and everyone's respect and prestige.

Though here Yuvi is shocked with Vish Naagin avatar, Vish will make Yuvi recall the incident how he and his friends molested her and her lover Vikrant.

Vish takes her revenge

Vish shows her real Naagin avatar to Yuvi, Yuvi trapped in haveli seeks help but he fails to his life from Vish Naagin attack.

Vish finally takes her revenge by killing Yuvi and now only eight people areleft to be killed.

Sooner or later Bela's Naagin avatar will also come in the series.

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