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Naamkaran: Avni Ragini Pandit break prison Neil in disguise to save Neela

Naamkaran: Avni (Aditi Rathore) accepts Ragini Pandit’s deal and plans to break prison

Interesting layout of planning and plotting lined ahead in Star Plus daily drama Naamkaran.

At one side, Avni will get to see Neela Maa’s clip where Avni gets emotional seeing the same.

Unfortunately, Jailer madam will catch Avni red handed but Ragini Pandit takeover the entire situation.

Ragini Pandit cracks a deal with Avni to help her runaway from the prison and in return free Neela Maa.

Avni thus accepts Ragini Pandit’s deal and starts her planning to break the prison once again.

Neil’s unique disguise to trace Neela’s location

On the other side, Neil will be seen disguising self for as he finds Vidyut have called up a doctor to check Neela up.

Neil thus thrashes up the doctor and locks him up inside the cupboard and get the number to trace out Neela’s location.

Will Neil find out Neela Maa before Avni commits any blunder?

Will Avni once again fall in Vidyut’s trap?

Let’s wait and watch.

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