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Manmohini: Mohini's gorgeous avatar attracts Raam Siya helpless

Manmohini: Mohini's (Reyhna Malhotra) gorgeous avatar attracts Raam (Ankit Siwach), Siya helpless 

The upcoming episode of Zee TV's popular daily soap Manmohini is up for high voltage drama.

Mohini has made up plan to come infront of Raam aka her Rana ji on poornima and show her love.

Daimaa is well aware of this and thus turns Siya as his shield and thus is much confident.

While Mohini is super irked as Daimaa had made a protection for Raam and Siya's love seems to be too powerful.

Mohini and Daimaa's war begins

Mohini and Daimaa had clash but here Siya's one mistake will land Raam in big trouble as it breaks the protection.

Raam will get attracted towards Mohini and rushes to her but Mohini vanishes as she is not alive and cannot unite with her love.

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