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Ishq Subhan Allah: Miraj’s fake sister new vamp in Kabir Zara’s life post Ruksar wedding

Ishq Subhan Allah: Zara (Eisha Singh) Kabir (Adnan Khan) decide to consummate their marriage with love

Zee TV’s love story Ishq Subhan Allah is up with some high voltage drama with some exciting twist in tale.

Though it is a relief that Ruksar will get married to Hamdan and exit Kabir Zara’s life, danger isn’t gone yet.

Kabir Zara will do a nikah again and give their married life a new startover.

Further, Kabir Zara will consummate their marriage with love and trust forgetting all their past.

However, their happiness will be short lived as Miraj is still around to make life hell for Kabir Zara.

Miraj determined to execute his deadly mission

It will be seen that Miraj will introduce Nilofer as his sister who will mix slow poison in Kabir Zara’s happy life.

Further, Nilofer will create misunderstanding and problem between Kabir and Zara.

Now it will be highly interesting to see how the story will shape up further with the new vamp.

Stay tuned to get more updates and news on the show.

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