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Udaan: Imli's hallucination lands Chakor in mental asylum twist coming up next

Imli (Vidhi Pandya)'s hallucination lands Chakor (Meera Deosthale) in mental asylum twist coming up next

Udaan is moving towards the track where Imli (Vidhi Pandya) will YET AGAIN turn to spoil Suraj (Vijyendra Kumeria) and Chakor's (Meera Deosthale) life.

It was earlier seen that how Suraj and Chakor take care of Saanvi that Chakor feels Imli's presence near her.

Chakor reveals to Suraj that Imli is alive but Suraj refuses to believe her and in return, he breaks his havoc on Chakor for thinking about the person who is already dead.

Imli's master conspiracy against Chakor

Imli's first target is Saanvi and Chakor where she is playing the game with Archana's help.

Chakor is sure that Imli is alive but no one is believing her, amid this shockingly Chakor's doubt will be declared a hallucination as if she is losing her mental stability and that will be proved by none other than Suraj.

Imli's big fat conspiracy to send Chakor to mental asylum will get success or not, the suspense will soon get unfold, till then stay tuned with us for more upcoming updates and latest news.

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