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YHM: Adi cruelly tortures Ruhi blamed for helping Suraj, Raman took drastic step

Adi exposes scripted video tortures Ruhi trapping her in Suraj's illegal scandal in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

In the traumatising storyline of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Adi is crossing his all shameless limits to trouble the family.

It was earlier seen that how Adi meets Suraj and conspires to run the illegal business while Ruhi witnesses everything and decides to expose Adi.

Ruhi reveals to Raman and family that Adi is involved in the London Recruitment busines as Ruhi confesses Adi's truth, Adi comes from behind.

Adi shows a video in which Suraj confesses that Ruhi and he started illegal business on Raman's name to take revenge from Raman about two years ago.

All get shocked while Adi smartly puts all blame on Ruhi claiming his young sister is doing this huge crime and he wanted to protect her, Raman bursts on Ruhi while Ruhi is brokendown.

Raman learns Adi's truth

Raman shouts on Ruhi while Adi tortures Ruhi when he confronts Ruhi alone.

Adi tortures Ruhi at hell and reveals to her that he struggled hard to establish his business he want to become rich men and he will not let her come in his aim.

Adi has all trapped Ruhi in this huge scandal while Raman knows that Adi is Suraj's partner and he only trusted Adi and shouted on Ruhi just to expose Adi with proofs.

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