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Ishqbaaz: Roop's wedding conspiracy for Shivaay turns flop show big twist ahead

Ishqbaaz: Roop's wedding conspiracy for Shivaay turns flop show big twist ahead

In the upcoming episod of Star plus Ishqbaaz, the viewers will get to see Roop's conspiracy trapping Shivaay.

Roop will manage to trap Shivaay in her banglow and will snatch his phone.

Omkara, Rudra and family is tensed for Shivaay whereabouts while Roop calls Pinky and asks her to meet.

Roop finally shows her true color shocking Pinky, while Pinky is left speechless after Roop tells that she kidnapped Shivaay and now Shivaay is getting married.

Shivaay backfires Roop master conspiracy

Here Roop is rejoicing her victory as finally she managed to get Shivaay remarry.

While there Shivaay fools Roop plotted goons and manages to escape from Roop's kidnapping trap while the guards think that Shivaay has gone to peep, Shivaay escapes from washroom.

It would be interesting to watch what will be Roop's next step after her wedding conspiracy turns flop show.

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