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Ishqbaaz Twist: Anika taking last breath of life behind Shivaay new beginning of life

Ishqbaaz: Anika’s last breath of life behind Shivaay new beginning of life

Star plus daily soap Ishqbaaz is all set to show ahead shocking sequences portraying Shivaay and Anika separation.

Roop and Veer huge conspiracy has finally trapped Shivaay and Anika.

Shivaay is going to marry Svetlana while behind this Veer kidnaps Anika and ruthlessly drags Anika to the water tank to end her life.

Drastic time in Shivaay and Anika life

There Shivaay wil be marrying Svetlana and here Veer will push Anika into huge water tank and will drown Anika into water.

Veer’s nasty trap for Anika has left Anika unconscious murmuring Shivaay’s name.

Will Shivaay save Anika?

Or Anika will take last breath behind back Shivaay’s new beginning of life?

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