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YHM: Raman picks gun to kill Raina Ishita turns out to be first target

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman picks gun to kill Raina post Raina threats Raman over ending Ishita life

Star plus one of the most high wrenching and well defined TV Series Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is looking forward to show high voltage twist.

Simmi and Param have all the more trapped Raman in their big conspiracy.

Simmi has finally proved Raman mad while now the family also confesses the same.

Shockingly not only Family but Raman also confesses the same that he had gone mad and he should get admitted to mental asylum.

But amid this what comes forth next will unveil the biggest twist in the show.

Raman in big trap up to commit big mistake

However, Ishita has yet not lost her hope and confesses Raman that he is fit n fine and needs no asylum treatment.

While before Raman could overcome his anxiety and restlessness, Raina again calls Raman as per Simmi's plan.

Raina once again blackmails Raman while this time she threats Raman saying he revealed truth to Ishita now Ishita will have to die.

Raina warning turns out to make Ishita first target while next Raman takes out his gun taking oath that he will end this game and will never let his family and Ishita get indulged in any problem.

Will Raman kill Raina?

Or Ishita will stop Raman from committing this big mistake?

Let see how the story will move forward for the unexpected u-turn.

Till then stay tune to for more upcoming updates and latest news.

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