Ikyawann: Leela’s master revenge from Susheel and Mehul by finding new bride for Satya (Upcoming Episode)

Ikyawann: Leela fume as Satya (Namish Taneja) rush to nurse for Susheel’s (Prachi Tehlan) wound

Star Plus most popular show Ikyawann is up for some interesting twist and drama with Leela’s evil tricks to trap Susheel and take revenge from Mehul.

As seen, Susheel and Satya love and care for each other but Leela isn’t ready to accept it.

Further, it is seen that Susheel brainwashes Satya against Susheel and instigates him to marry her to take revenge for Kiran’s condition.

Sadly, Satya falls prey to Leela’s emotional drama and he agrees for marriage drama with Susheel.

Satya join hands with Leela to cheat Susheel

However, Satya is not able to hide his love and care for Susheel as she hurts herself in holika fire.

Seeing Satya catering to Susheel’s burns, Leela fumes and decides to end their relation by bringing new girl in Satya life.

Thus, Leela gives advertisement for a suitable bride for Satya thus plotting for Mehul’s heart attack.

Stay tuned to know how will Susheel cope up with Leela’s cheap tricks and will Satya agree to marry other girl.

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