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Kundali Bhagya: Karan back to back war made Sherlyn expose self truth Prithvi goggle eyed

Kundali Bhagya: Karan back to back war made Sherlyn expose self truth Prithvi goggle eyed

The shocking twist in tale in ZEE TV Serial Kundali Bhagya is that soon Karan will make Sherlyn vomit her reality.

The show is currently moving on the interesting track where Prithvi is trying to prove himself worth for Preeta.

While Prithvi hell efforts are on head, Karan is trying his level best efforts to prove Prithvi bad choice for Preeta and want to expose his reality.

Interestingly Luthra and Preeta family chase Cricket match where Prithvi intentionally breaks Karan lucky bat.

This makes Karan incensed anger but yet Karan wins match and also hits Prithvi with his great six shot.

Shockingly Sherlyn gets worried over Prithvi injury and thus comes to confront Karan for the same.

Sherlyn silly mistake left Prithvi irked

Sherlyn provokes Karan for intentionally hurting Prithvi while Karan in return questions Sherlyn about her heed for Prithvi.

While Karan questions Sherlyn, Prithvi is left goggle eyed as if Sherlyn words could unveil their reality.

Let see if Karan could make Sherlyn and Prithvi confess their reality forth Rishab.

Till then stay tune to for more upcoming updates and latest news.

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