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Porus: Porus breaks Dasyus laws to save Anusuya

Porus: Porus breaks Dasyus laws to save Anusuya

Sony TV fantasy drama Porus is witnessing the unexpected twists and turns in the storyline.

Porus saves Anusuya from Kanishk and Shibvdutt’s clutches but in Dasyu Kingdom he hides Anusuya.

Porus and Laachi fear to break Dasyu’s laws, thus they hide Anusuya from Dasyu King and Queen.

But Porus unknowingly endangers Anusuya’s life.

Anusuya’s life in danger

Anusuya is hidden inside dark shady room where she is happy as Puru saved her.

While she plays with her imaginary son, suddenly the room catches fire and she gets stuck into the room.

Anusuya shouts for help but no one comes to help as she is hidden from Dasyus.

Thus Porus lastly breaks Dasyus’ laws to save Anusuya.

Lets’ see what will happen when Ripu Daman will come to know about Anusuya.

Till then stay tune to for more upcoming updates and latest news.

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