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YRKKH: Naira's real identity Tina and Raghav's love controversy Kartik displeased

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira's (Shivangi Joshi) ex lover Raghav (Nikhil Sharma) confronts Naira over past love

The upcoming future storyline will focus on Kartik and Naira's challenging life where soon new entry will create ruckus.

Actor Rahul Sharma has been roped in the show to create misunderstandings amid Kartik and Naira's love life.

Naira's past life when she used to live in Rishikesh with Akshara, Naira was known as Tina.

There Raghav and Tina were love couple and later on Naira left Rishikesh and fallen in love with Kartik getting married to him.

While Naira is living her love life with Kartik, Raghav has returned to trouble Naira.

Raghav questions Naira aka Tina's love

The viewers will get to witness major drama, Raghav and Tina's major confrontation revealing past love.

Kartik will unfortunately catch Naira's lie and he will see Naira with Raghav.

Kartik will only get hint of Raghav and Naira's past while Raghav and Tina's love will soon create ruckus amid Kartik and Naira.

Stay tune to for more upcoming updates.

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