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Laado 2: Ammaji sentence cruel penalty to Sheru amid Balwant’s Jalsa in new Veerpur

Laado 2: Ammaji digs out mission to justify Revti amid Balwant Choudhary’s jalsa in Veerpur

The heart wrenching gang rape of Jhanvi, and Revti stripped off amid village people has left Ammaji in deep shock.

Colors newly launched show Laado 2 is the show against social evils where Ammaji is born to end theses social evils from Veerpur.

Balwant Choudhary and Rantej are planning to celebrate Jalsa in Garibpur where they want Revti and Sheru to dance and entertain everyone.

But Ammaji cannot see Revti in pain and thus decides to justify Revti in jalsa.

Ammaji deadly warning to Balwant

Further in the episode to come, the viewers will get to witness Ammaji’s cruel penalty to Sheru for committing huge crime.

Ammaji will not let Revti sacrifice her pride,

Ammaji will ruthlessly blind Sheru with burning iron rods giving deadly warning to Balwant and his goons to not dare touch Revti or any other girl from now.

What will Balwant Choudhary do now?

Stay tune to for more upcoming updates.

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