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Meri Durga: SP's tashan diya dance challenge for Durga amid mehendi ceremony

Meri Durga: SP's (Paras Kalnawat) diya dance challenge for Durga, Durga (Srishti Jain) takes up dance challenge

The upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily soap Meri Durga is up for some dhamakedar tashan dance moment amid Durga and SP.

Durga and SP's marriage functions are going on and Durga, SP's tashan also continues.

Durga and SP's mehendi ceremony is organised where Durga comes but SP's blasts a challenge bomb over Durga.

SP asks Durga to prove herself by dancing with diya and challenges that diya must be lighted till the end.

Durga and SP's dance challenge

Durga knows SP's conspiracy against her but decides to not let SP win and thus dances with diya in get hand.

Durga's determination wins over SP's conspiracy as SP tries to light fan to blow off diya but fails infront of Durga's determination.

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